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2019 style trends.. Or maybe just wear whatever you want?

Model in black bohemian dress mountain view in background

I present to you a South African blog collaboration with Ananas the label who designed this beautiful fringed bohemian wrap dress and photographed by Chanelle Sillifant. By using 100% natural dyes and eco-friendly dyeing methods, Ananas The Label have a low carbon footprint and a good karmic relationship with the planet. With a background in environmental studies and awards for sustainable research projects, they make a statement in sustainability regarding clothes!

Model laughing in bohemian dres sand jewellery

According to American Vogue, November 2018 edition, there is a 90s rave trend on it's way. May the Gods have mercy! Neon bomber jackets, and neon overalls, leopard print bucket hats and what I like to call "protective glasses" yes! Glasses that are very similar to the type of glasses you can buy at builders warehouse to protect ones eyes when working at a factory, laboratory or when doing wood work! If you have seen any of these trends for 2019, my deepest condolences, I am afraid this means that the techno handyman look has already begun!

Being a South African fashion blogger I am suppose to be quite on it in regards to what is trending, but this horrendous look has lend me to the realization that you should just wear what you want to wear at the end of the day! If it looks good.. wear it, if it makes you feel good.. wear it. If it looks like your going to weld your neighbors car exhaust while simultaneously going to a rave.. don't wear it, but if it really makes you feel good just wear it.. we will find a way to understand!

For this blog post I am wearing what makes me feel most comfortable a long, loose fitting, wrap style, bohemian dress from Ananas the Label.

Click on this link for more info about this amazing local brand - Ananas the Label

Photographer: Chanelle Sillifant

Model walking in black bohemian dress

Model holding bouque of flowers

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