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All Sstiched up and ready for 2019

Model in striped dress holding a Gucci bag

The very first blog post of 2019, and I am all stitched up in Sstiched, a locally produced bespoke range that I fell in love with! This candy striped button up dress is the definition of a comfy, effortless go to dress. That dress that you just throw on when you are heading out in a rush which you know will make you look good without even trying!

Model posing in striped dress infront of pink flowers

In this blog post you will find me in the new year looking for the new me.. New year new me.. the phrase we are all very tired of hearing by now! Will you sustain your new gym membership till month number two Susan? Or is the painful ramification of your chocolate addiction yet to kick in? I am not opposed to seeing the New Year as an opportunity for new possibilities, as inarguable as it might seem I feel that one should try their very best to maintain this mantra throughout the year. Don’t get me wrong, a two week holiday laying on the beach with Havier the speedo’d six packed pool person fetching the Mimosas at your every whim, (I am not sure if this actually happens in real life) will definitely bring inspiration for the new year. Such holidays will definitely iron out the plentiful occasions that Susan has indeed worked on your very last nerve in the office. Sorry to all the Susan’s out there. But to truly see change in yourself this inspiration needs to last for the whole year.

So my new year’s resolution to you is don’t forget to treat yo self! Throughout the year! Be kind to the people around you but be sure that the kindness start with yourself, you are your own best friend so be sure to tell your evil twin who is constantly whispering evil little “you cant’s” in your ear, to fuck-off!

The End


Be sure to click on the following link to see all the stunning garments that is available at Sstiched

Dress: Sstiched

Model in striped dress holding a hat

Model running in field

Grass with table mountain in background

Model in garden

Pink flowers

Model laughing in garden

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