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Going on an adventure? Remember to pack the right shoes!

Model running in snow with umbrella

This shoot has definitely hands down been one of my trickiest! As you all know by now I like to go about my shoots lone wolf style and I will never subject my boyfriend to the "blogger boyfriend photographer" role.. except on this day, where I fired him as my photographer 5minutes into the job! So off I went with my tripod, little Bluetooth remote, an umbrella and a role of duct-ape to protect my camera from the mountains of snow pouring down on that little village on this particular day! With my coat that looks like something from a Game of thrones quiz night and prancing around to make these leather shoes from Sapmok look good, everything was covered in snow not to long after I started! Against all odds my feet stayed dry and warm thanks to these leather beauties and their inner wool lining! During this fabulous snow drenched period I had to make an outfit change to my John Snow inspired coat to live my best "winter is coming" moment, because it was so damn cold! But my feet stayed warm and toasty during it all!

Model standing in snow

At the very end I made a little snow angel for good luck and RAN home, my South African blood is not built for this drama!;) Sapmok embodies the event of adventure, and well I guess I can say I took these shoes on an adventure and they passed, or they took me on an adventure and I survived with comfy warm toes intact!

PS. I managed to loose my camera's tripod connector in the snow which is literally 5 by 5cm big and costs R450 and my fired photographer boyfriend managed to find it by chance three days later next to the road after three days of non stop snow.. good luck snow angels I tell ya!;)

For a little more background into Sapmok read the following post: "Need new shoes for winter?"

Shoes: Sapmok

Shoes standing on a mozaic picture of a bull on the floor

Model standing in snow

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