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I Introduce to you: Jumpsuitme

Fashion ediotrial

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Suzan Riad, designer of the bespoke women's jumpsuit range Jumpsuitme. After obtaining a prestigious fashion design certificate in Milan, Suzan quickly realized the need for good quality jumpsuits, including jumpsuits as evening wear or on your casual day out. Originally from Egypt she has now branched out to South Africa where you can find her stunning range hanging in the Polka dot boutique in Kloof street, Cape Town.

In this blog collaboration I have dressed one of her velvet jumpsuits up and down to show the versatility and need there is to owning a jumpsuit. I believe a jumpsuit is one of the easiest ways to look good because you do not have to put to much thought into mixing and matching of different types of garments to complete the whole look.

Photographed by the talented Chanelle Sillifant, this jumpsuit sings of high quality and comfort, not too mention I felt like a fabulous disco queen prancing through these fields!;)

To see the full Jumpsuitme collection click on the following link - Jumpsuitme

Bag: Missibaba

Tweed blazer: Lootsin

Photograpger: Chanelle Sillifant

Fashion editorial photographed in Western Cape

Photoshoot velvet jumpsuit

Fashion photography Cape Town

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