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Introducing Elizabeth Summer

This weeks collaboration with Elizabeth Summer took me to the beautiful Boulders Beach in Simon's Town where I had an audience of adorable little penguins. Contrasting to the movie "happy feet" these little fellows look quite depressed in comparison, followed with a stench to match their sad demeanor. None the less I was able to put on a show for a waddle of penguins with my photography routine and sad glares where thrown all around!

  1. For this look post a complete beach look was put together, all items including the beach towel to the beach bag and sun dress, all available from Elizabeth Summer. On their website there is also the option to personalize your item with initials, super chick embellishments or different color combos, making it a perfect gift idea. With focus on product excellence Elizabeth Summer is the ultimate online destination to arrange an aesthetically pleasing day out in the sun!

For more information regarding the items from Elizabeth Summer, please click on the links below:

  • White Beach Dress -

  • Beach Towel -

  • Clutch Bag -

  • White Hat -

Summer dress and woven bag beach view

Ocean view rock with penquins on it

Person in summer dress watching the ocean view

Woven summer bag

Cotton summer dress and ocean view

Beaded bag and sun hat

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