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Need new shoes for winter?

Growing up in a Afrikaner household the following South African blog collaboration sits dear to my heart, Sapmok a brand that crafts special handmade leather shoes suited for the adventurer at heart and made to last a lifetime! Sapmok's designs are a modern take to what I like to call “vellies” a classic leather shoe known to be worn by farmers and known to last forever.

I remember just before I went away to university, on one particular day I was rummaging through my mother’s closet, as I still do today when visiting. Her style is iconic to a 70s 60s revival with an aptitude to make it still look modern and dated! I digress.. on This particular day I came across my mother’s old pair of vellies that she wore throughout her twenties, it had this beautiful worn out look without looking old or un-wearable! I asked her if I could have them and she happily said yes, I wore them throughout my early twenties and they never wore out!

We Afrikaners do not really have a foothold when it comes to a South African fashion statement; if you can count a matching two tone pant and shirt as a style trend, then I guess vellies are probably our best bet! With Sapmok they brought a modern style back to this iconic shoe! These are the type of shoes where with every bit of wear and tear that they acquire over time it starts to give them this beautiful vintage look! And if you want to go on an adventure, well now you can do it with a bit more flair!

For more details click on the link below:

Red shoes: Sapmok

Photographed by myself in Leukerbad, Switzerland

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