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7am Blue ankle boot strolls from That Shoe Lady, on Camps Bay with the wind in your hair and a fake coffee to make passer by's believe you are on your way to work and decided to stop for the view. I have a favorite little spot in Camps Bay where I sometimes go for blog shoots or to photograph some of my vintage attire for my online shop. And even though it is one of my favorite scenic spots for photography I always find it cringy AF. People doing yoga while I am trying out my best poses in front of my camera with its little tripod and little Bluetooth remote, in front of another couple drinking coffee on their stoop. While someone else is also drinking a coffee while staring at the see at 07:00 in the morning, because apparently people that live in Camps Bay can make time for a take away coffee, a jog and a staring contest with the ocean before work at 7am... How does that make you feel;)

It makes me feel quite lazy, but faking it for a morning felt quite good! I define these blue ankle shoes from That Shoe Lady's Jeffrey Campbell collection, as a perfect pair of boss lady boots. Instantly my office became this terrain and I ate every cynical glance towards my self assured selfies, for breakfast. Paired with navy high waist pants to break the blue just a smidgen.. these shoes made me feel powerful. And don't let this look fool you, pair them with a maxi dress to get a more laid back look. You don't have to take them to the office if you don't want to.

Shoes: That Shoe Lady; Jeffrey Campbell - Kamet 2 Blue

For more unique out of the ordinary shoes visit - That Shoe Lady

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