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Studying and working as a Mechanical engineer for a few years, which is an innately male-dominated area, I can honestly say I had my fair share of the perpetual "will a woman be able to do this job" scenario. Fair enough, I have equally had great opportunities and trust given to me throughout my career which I can't deny, but in a male-dominated field, you constantly have to remind yourself that we as women are capable of anything we put our minds to!

The following brand, T-shirts For Change, sits dear to my heart, not only are they creating awareness around the fact that we as women are badass bitches capable of anything, but they are also a profit for purpose orientated, socially and environmentally conscious brand. Up until today, they have donated up to R200 000 to The Change Fund, a charity for women and children in need. And it gets better, they also thrive in a commitment to sustainability by taking plastic and turning it into t-shirts! Their RE-Wear tees are proudly made in SA for a lower carbon footprint, and using a unique blend of 65% polyester made from recycled plastic and 35% cotton, each RE-Wear tee recycles two plastic bottles or more! These tees are helping to prevent plastic pollution from ending up in our landfills and oceans.

So not only are these t-shirts comfortable but with each purchase, you are creating awareness and donating to The Change Fund!

Throughout my career I have learned the importance of uplifting and standing by your female friends, we all are fighting some kind of battle and through gossip, being an asshole towards each other, etc we are going to go nowhere. Once you embody the role of support towards other people, you start to attract the right kind of crowd and you start to become kinder to yourself! My two cents for the day..

And lastly, don't forget to have a little fun!;)

For more information regarding T Shirts For Change click on the following link -

In this shoot I am wearing:

T-shirt: Girls can do anything tee

Bag: Cotton shopper

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