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This officially counts as the first of many collaborations with That Shoe Lady, a South African shoe store that aims to bring you unique shoe brands that are different from the norm. If you have ever looked at Fashion week street style photography from abroad, and thought to yourself "I will never be able to find something similar in South Africa" then look no further! That Shoe Lady sells the type of shoe which you would not normally find in our average local store, while also bringing an element of comfort and durability to front.

This past weekend I went away for a little getaway to Grotto Bay, situated in the Western Cape, and took the time to capture the Rosalee heel in Khaki from That Shoe Lady on the coast of Grotto Bay. As you can see this is not the ideal terrain for heels, and I had to climb over a few boulders to get that perfect shot.. but damn were they comfortable! If it where your normal pair of heels I probably would have had to crawl my way through this shoot! But thanks to the comfort of it all it was a breeze!

To browse all the many unique and funky styles available from That Shoe Lady, click on the following link - That Shoe Lady

Rosalee heel: That Shoe Lady

Sunset model dressed fashionably

Sun set model is dressed fashionably

Walking over rocks in heels

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