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What does it mean to own your sexuality?

Model dancing in bohemian dress

I present to you a collaboration with Ananas The Label, a bohemian dream dress photographed by Chanelle Sillifant at the coast of False bay. By using 100% natural dyes and eco-friendly dyeing methods, Ananas The Label have a low carbon footprint and a good karmic relationship with the planet. With a background in environmental studies and awards for sustainable research projects, they care about the planet in a big way, which is why I love this brand I think you should too!

With the year almost at its end and everyone in full swing towards the festive season, me and my boyfriend made a little pit stop at a trance festival this past weekend on our way to our final holiday destination. And there we were, at this festival, me in a three piece dress which is held together like a puzzle with a rope, bra-less, going to town with our dance moves on the dance floor in the heat of the summer sun. At this point my friend suggested we should go swimming, dress and all, as it was 33 degrees. Instantly thoughts crept through my mind of “no bra”, “thin cotton dress” and I promptly protested with “everyone is going to see my bits, my lovely baby bits, and I don’t know how I feel about that” My friends reaction instantly confirmed what will happen, with one hand on his hip and the other swishing in the air he said “Louise you have to own your sexuality” And with this intimidating gesture, I knew it had to happen.

Model walking away in bohemian dress holding flowers

So what does this mean “owning your sexuality?” as I plomped into that river like a awkward little sea otter the realization crept into mind, it’s to be totally comfortable and proud of the sexual power that the female shape beholds and to realize that female energy is sexy and infinitely creative. But this feeling comes in many shapes and forms, for some it can be by dancing or putting on something that makes you feel good, comfortable and free. At that very point for me it was swimming in a river with a dress on that made me feel like a fabulous oll river mermaid.

I feel that Ananas the Label embodies this feeling, during this shoot I can't but help to go back to that same exact phrase “own your sexuality”. I feel strongly that clothes can bring out a different sense and mood in a person so why not own it!

The piece photographed is hand dyed with indigenous vegetable and plant matter, and made with love. With Ananas The Label - you will be wearing the colours of spring or the soft hues of seasonal vegetables. Each garment is unique in its colouring and energy - there’s mystery and mysticism in the process.

Dress: Ananas The Label

Photographer: Chanelle Sillifant

Model posing in bohemian dress with ocean view in background

Close up of bohemian dress

Model posing in bohemian dress with ocean view in background

Model dancing in bohemian dress

Model dancing in bohemian dress

Model posing in bohemian dress with ocean view in the background

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