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November 1, 2019

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March 25, 2019

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How to be Rustiq

June 2, 2017


In the hustle and bustle which was my hard core week I have uncovered the ecstatic news that I will indeed be starting at a new job next month, regarding the Engineering business. What this specific job entails, well it isn't fashionable at all, none the less I am a unicorn floating on my harnessed joy, I have for the first time, yesterday quit my job. And it felt terrible and awesome all in one emotional ball of confusion. I highly recommend It, except if your job is awesome then hold on to it because that stuff is rare! Regarding all things fashion..


For the following post I have gone for three separate looks, the first being a soft pink silk dress, then a maroon tulle skirt and lastly a silk dress and a tulle skirt. Ah see what I did there, the versatility! And this brand is local which is cause for more excitement, because local is indeed lekker! Hence the name Rustiq, there is a lovely folk vibe to this brand which I tried to embrace with my old school Photoshop filters, none the less in real life you will be able to pull of this vibe without the need of archetypical filters, because the clothes speak for them self.




I wish everyone a merry weekend!




Tulle skirt: Rustiq

Silk dress: Rustiq

Tights: Adrian























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November 1, 2019

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