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How to become a blogger?

June 17, 2017



White dress: Rustiq


Back in Pretoria for the long weekend at my home town in my "moederhuis" trying not to indulge to much in all my mums baked treats and trying not to get too lost in this trip down memory lane. I even managed to fit in two look posts, which had to be done because business be good lately. Which brought me back to my first steps as a blogger, it all started here, with my small shitty digital camera, taking photos of myself around this house in my mom's semi fancy clothes three years ago. This sounds pretty basic but it's not! I started blogging after a friend told me that people are getting paid to do this, with my little knowledge of the industry I thought "how hard could that be".


So as a means to keep my creative side on the go while studying engineering I picked up that small camera and started taking photos of as much outfits as I possibly could. I created an online alter ego so that my friends would not be aware of what I am up to and to avoid the embarrassment of the "glorified selfie". Only a year later, with much dedicated devotion, I received my first free outfit which wasn't fancy at all, but it was a start and from there it took off. I get asked numerous  amounts of times how did you get so much followers and here are my tips:


  •  Allot of dedication, it doesn't happen over night!

  • Great content, I started of with a very cheap digital camera which managed to get me my first free outfit, with this camera I taught myself how to make the best with what you got, so by the time I was able to afford a expensive SLR camera, two years later, I was able to use light composition like a boss while teaching myself all the different settings on this new camera.

  • Another helpfull aspect was to create an unknown online alias, due the the fact that I am quite shy, this gave me room to do what I wanted  without having to worry what people, who actually know me will think. I know this is a terrible approach but when you are shy you will get this point! Currently all my friends know so in a way it kind off helped me to ease away on the shyness with a more comfortable slow pace.

  • And lastly, find your own way! Everyone has their own quirks and ideas, what works for me isn't necessarily going to work for the next person! Use that gray matter and try to figure out what is going to work and what will not while still staying true to the brand that you are trying to establish.

There are so many points and things to take into mind but at the end trying to figure them out by yourself creates room for new ideas which other bloggers haven't thought about! Follow your own way.




For this look post I have teamed up with Rustiq once again for a versatile look regarding their off the shoulder dress which gives a minimalistic approach or a more edgy look with  their leather skirt. Follow the links below for more information regarding this brand! Or go to> "How to be Rustiq" for the previous look post that I have done regarding this brand.


Leather skirt: Rustiq

Of the shoulder dress: Rustiq






















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November 1, 2019

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