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How to prevent Cellulite

June 25, 2017


Cellulite! We all have it, hidden in your chocolate brownie you had for breakfast, soaked in your tears of shame after you went for seconds. Yes it is the unavoidable inevitable doom of never achieving your goals to firm photo shopped buttocks. Or is it?


I have recently teamed up with Elancyl to try out their body firming lotion. Skeptical at first, it has now been a month and hold on to your hats because I have seen a definite change in firmness regarding my behind. Due to my conservative ways you will only be seeing photos of my blurred legs so lets place the focus on this product..



For 40 years, Elancyl has been innovating and providing targeted care, with unique efficiency and safety guaranteed by the meticulous nature of a dermo-cosmetic laboratory. So how does these products work? Well the proof is in the pudding and these products are made up of the following:

  • Caffeine – For detoxing

  • Cecropia – For revolutionary fat-releasing

  • Ivy – To release water and excess toxins

  • Xanthoxyline – To- slow down fat cell differentiation


Based on my experience with this product I would say that I am positive about the outcome and if you are still skeptical about this lotion just head on over to the Elancyl official website where you will find countless testimonials of happy customers in their Facebook comment section.


It is important to understand that a great product as Elancyl isn't there to hide your bad eating habits so to ensure that this product works to its full effect and to help yourself feel great in the long run...


My tips on preventing Cellulite:


  • Swap your morning/afternoon Coffee for a cup of green tea. I know you are probably sitting there thinking "ah no not green tea it tastes like shit" Well then, add some cinnamon, honey and ginger for taste. You will be happy to know that Cinnamon and honey doesn't only eliminate the awful taste of green tea but increases metabolic rate amongst other many benefits.

Drink lots of water, eat many fruits and vegetables and exercise. These are the things that we have been told time and time again so start doing them.




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November 1, 2019

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