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November 1, 2019

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To join a hippy tribe or to join the office?

February 27, 2018


 A recent blog collaboration with Found Collection has brought me to the shores of Kalkbay yet again, accompanied by Disco Road to capture what Found collection embodies.


This local clothing brand from Stellenbosch creates timeless feminine pieces crafted from meticulously sourced textiles. It's clothes that make you feel special and equips you with confidence in a way, clothes that elegant women love to possess. 

So off we went on a Pre morning shoot at the beach before my real 9 to 5 job starts, and as we roled closer to this "romantic beach" setting, I wallowed in the fact of a 9 to 5. You know, having to work for the man. Would I fit into the mould of joining a hippy tribe where I can rather go to the beach each morning, accompanied with endless yoga retreats sponsored with fuck knows who's money and constantly brag about my on point veganism. That would certainly be ideal would it not?

Or do I need my 9 to 5 job to keep me on my toes, the thrill of landing that big project or that kick of accomplishment when a raise rolls in. The feeling when you put on that expensive jacket/ women's suit and walk into that board meeting knowing that you look good and that today you are going to kick some ass.


At the end we have to figure out what works best for oneself or you’ll just end up trying to channel an disproportionate rage against The Status Quo and The System which you can only really pity before you get back to work. But does this whole suit and tie story sound as appealing as an endless beach holiday?




For this look I wanted to bring in a "business look" kind of feel into a relaxed environment. And yes I am aware that no one will wear a bra or crop top to the office!;) I want to take a moment to see the pride in the women who get up early in the morning to put on their power suits, because even though their not dancing naked in the woods, their is definitely beauty in their unseen strength.




Follow the links below to see the chic clothes that Found Collection has to offer.




Duck Egg Gray Jacket: Found Collection


Floral Kimono: Found Collection


Orange Pants: Vintage





Photographer: Disco Road




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November 1, 2019

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