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Wedding, Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer


Photographer + Stylist

Hi, my name is Louise and I am a professional story teller based in Cape Town, South Africa.   My photography style revolves around capturing the raw emotions between people and I make it my mission to guide a couple or individual with certain fun tactics in mind to ensure the photo does not look staged but rather as natural as possible. At the end of the day my shoots are based around having fun to capture those joyous memorable moments.


My interesting road to photography

After graduating at the University of Potchefstroom in 2015 with a degree in Mechanical engineering I moved to Stellenbosch Western Cape to start my engineering career.


During my time of study I started my own fashion blog called "Lootsin Fashion" and this is ultimately where my love for photography began. After two years of working as an engineer my passion for photography ultimately took over and I left my engineering career path to pursue photography full time.

In order to sustain this new career path, I started an online clothing store called Lootsin and through the combination of my online clothing store and my fashion blog I was able to create a keen eye for styling where I am now able to photograph and style a shoot simultaneously.

My favorite genres of photography are definitely weddings as I love to capture those sweet unexpected moments between loved ones. And secondly Fashion photography as I absolutely love the whole process of styling and putting the shoot together.

Contact Phone: +27 722921729

Cape Town, South Africa


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