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Lootsin Vintage Editorial Shoot

African model wearing a vintage inspired look

a Big trend for 2020 is vintage, and not because the 80s and 70s are back in fashion. Old habits of over-consumption are slowly being left at the door while an effort towards a clearer perspective to recycling is being made. With the fashion industry being one of the biggest culprits in that of mass production, bigger brands are starting to look into more Eco-friendly resources. But will it be enough to counter the 15million ton of used textiles generated on landfills each year in the United States alone? At the end of the day, the consumer needs to gain a clear perspective on shopping ethically.

For this shoot, I photographed my own vintage clothing brand called Lootsin. Through this brand, I try to create awareness that a vintage item can carry more uniqueness than a fast fashion product, why? Because back in the day vintage was made to last, and, it is one of a kind!

Thank you to the beautiful team that helped me create magic:

Photographer and Stylist: Louise Meyer (Lootsin)

Wearing: Lootsin

African model wearing a vintage inspired look holding a yellow mirror

African model wearing an 80s style dress

African model wearing a houndstooth blazer

African model wearing a red Gucci bag

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