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South Africa Lockdown - How to beat the COVID 19 blues

Model wearring a vintage retro outfit

Make Up Artist: Melodie Tryohone

Model Wearing: Lootsin

Photographer & Styling: Louise Meyer Lootsinfashion

How to beat the South African lockdown blues followed with a recent shoot I styled and photographed that has absolutely nothing to do with this text! 😉 As a freelance photographer in South Africa work has obviously been very slow, so the following three steps have made my first week of lockdown considerably easy.


For the first time it is acceptable to sit on your couch for a full day and watch Tiger King on repeat without feeling guilty about it. But unfortunately I have some bad news, there are thousands of exercise videos available on YouTube from aerobics to yoga, making our excuses limited. Kick Covid anxiety in the balls with a fun indoor kick boxing routine and start to become excited about flaunting your new lockdown bod once this shit show has blown over.

Free online courses

With work being on the slow side this is a good time to use all this extra time in learning a new skill or perfecting an existing one. I have found Linked In Learning very useful in this regard as they are providing a 1 month free subscription and have various photography and marketing courses. 21 day lockdown, that is short enough for you to get your free ride with Linked In Learning and actually stand a chance to finish a online course for free. I have also recently downloaded Duolingo, a free mobile app that allows you to learn any language of your choice. The benefit this provides is when tension might arise between you and your lockdown partner you can now scream at them in French, taking away a bit of the guilt in terms of “bad words” you can never “take back”.

Self love

Now you can finally take this time to become a self-proclaimed guru?

A guru = Someone who has overstepped the threshold of self-development into supreme egotism and found a niche market. Carries a flute and has a name you can't pronounce (though his driver's license says Steve) and chants words he doesn’t understand. But interesting tattoos...right?

If that sounds like too much effort then a second option might be to fall into the habit of meditation. It is known that meditation reduces stress and develops concentration, and with Covid 19 showing its face around every corner like Pennywise the clown, standing outside your window ever waiting for you to take that first step outside, it might be a good idea to practice extra anxiety fighting methods like meditation.

And lastly enjoy the countless amount of memes out there, laughter teaches us to not take ourselves so seriously. And for the love of Mary, please stay away from conspiracy theories, I trust that we will survive 5g connectivity in South Africa!;)

Model wearring an 80s blue blouse.

Model covered in tattoos wearring a vintage retro sequin outfit

Model wearring a vintage retro outfit

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